New iPod touch and iPhone

23 02 2008

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The 2 most innovational products by Apple Inc where recently updated to higher storage capacities.

The first one I´m going to talk about is the iPod Touch originally it had two versions, the first one was

packed with 8 gigabytes of storage and it was priced at $299 dollars, the second one has a 16 GB

solid state memory and it was priced at $399; now the new one has a 32 GB SSD memory and its priced

at $499, this may sound a little pricey but is actually not because is a flash memory, that means that there

aren´t any moving parts which does save a lot of energy, which means a lot more time of battery life.

The other good thing of this product is that it has the iTunes store which lends your music library grow with

almost no boundaries.

No we get to the second one, more precisely the iPhone that has only one version that with 8 GB of storage

capacity at $399, actually there was another 4 GB version so less that is not worth to mention, and now apple decided

to introduce a 16 GB version at $499, I have already told you that is not that money because there´s not even one smart phone

with 16 GB of storage.

to represent what I´ve just said I made 2 charts

IPod Touch


See ya around


New 2gb IPod Shuffle

22 02 2008

The newest version of the most little iPod has been announced some days ago.

There´s no official date for the commercial release but is expected any time soon,

The other good thing is that the 1 GB shuffle´s price has dramatically dropped from $79 to $49 which pairs it

to its closest competitor, the Zen Stone from Creative





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